Attention to Detail

Some of you may know that, besides being a Feng Shui consultant and teacher, I am also an avid student of homeopathy. It has always been my passion and since two years I am studying at the School of Homeopathy in England where we not only learn classical homeopathy but are also introduced to the Sensation method which has been developed by Rajan Sankaran about 20 years ago.

This new method has revolutionised homeopathy and brought it to a new level of not only case taking but also how we perceive ourselves and our patients. It is probably no accident that this method has been developed (and still is) mainly in India as it is deeply rooted in - like the name says - the sensation that we have on the deepest level. This level passes our rational mindset and connects us to the language of our subconscious, to involuntary gestures or sounds we make, to the deeper meaning of drawings and images we may produce, to the sensation we have in our dreams, etc. This part in us speaks archetypal language and it is from this level that we connect to our remedy. 

I have always been fascinated by this idea and have seen homeopathy on this level work miracles many times. There is no rational way to explain this other than that, on some mysterious, unexplored level, we all do seem to connected to everything that is. Many wise people have pointed this out for centuries and throughout many different cultures so there may be some truth to it after all! 

How is this connected to Feng Shui? On first sight there doesn't seem to be a real connection and many people startle when I tell them about my rather peculiar career path(s). After all, Feng Shui is connected to interior design somehow and homeopathy is a medical profession surely?

Yet the way I perceive it is that both disciplines use bilateral thinking, keen observation and an almost detective-like way to connect seemingly unrelated dots. Its the attention to detail that connects both disciplines in my eyes. 

C.G.Jung homeopathy feng shui

When I come into the home of a client, I automatically assess the state of the walls, which often give me a clue as to how the client is able to maintain boundaries. The floor tells me a lot about how the person is grounded - or not. The colour scheme, state of furniture, level of clutter - all those details tell me about the level of energy a person has, where possible problems may lie and how to improve the situation. Like in homeopathy, small details can give me the clue as to what be the main problem why the client may not feel at ease in his or her space.

Both disciplines deal with healing. Healing a space is similar to healing a patient. Our home is our '3rd skin' and it is necessary that we feel at hom win our skin(s)! Although a messy home may not lead to physical ailments necessarily, it may cause a state of low energy and depression over time. Our home is always a reflection of our inner state in one way or the other. Even a 'perfect' home tells me something about the owner.

And finally, a very important and sometimes neglected aspect is that there is no judgement. We have all been there and sometimes we stil are. There is no right or wrong. There can be discomfort which are caused by blockages and those we will do our best to help our clients or patients to remove so the Chi - or, homoeopathically speaking, our Vital Force - can flow again. 

For me this is a most fascinating journey which will last a lifetime. I will post about it once in a while to share my thoughts with you. If you like to comment, please do so!