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Lioba was born in Germany (1972) and moved to The Netherlands in 1998 to study contemporary art, film and interior design at the AKI and holds a master degree from the Rietveld Academy (Sandberg Institute) Amsterdam. 

Having travelled extensively and lived in Australia and the US for a few years, Lioba now lives and works mainly in Amsterdam. Her travels and studies have led her to become more and more interested in psychology and healing. Her personal interest is to find ways to integrate the different disciplines into what she calls 'Inner Space Design'. 

Lioba has studied with various international Feng Shui teachers such as Karen Kingston, at the DFSI Institute in Germany, the Dirah Institute in The Netherlands and several other schools and opened her own consultancy praxis BalancingWalls in 2005.  Since 2012 Lioba studies homeopathy with Misha Norland at the SoH in order to deepen her understanding of the human condition and the psychology of dis-ease. Learning about the system of classical homeopathy and Sensation method has become an integral part in Lioba's understanding of the relationship between people and their homes (our '3rd skin'). 

'The atmospheres of houses intrigue me specifically and gave food for my vivid imagination. Similar to the personality of a human being I can sense the personality a house and its relationship to its inhabitants. Each house has its own character and atmosphere that is influenced by its owner and vice versa.

My passion is to make contact with the "soul" of a house, listening to the residents and get a picture of the special relationship between the inhabitants and their home. Most atmospheres can be greatly improved by a few alterations. It's my job to help you find out what is what and make the best possible choices.'


Additional information:

I abide a professional code of ethics, which means that:

  • I will not share personal information with third parties without permission
  • I will act with integrity, competence and respect for every individual client and student
  • I will maintain and develop my professional competence by means of external training and feedback from colleagues 


Further training, etc:

  • 2002/3 Study Film and video at OpenStudio Amsterdam 
  • 2003 Grant for video art project 'How to live somebody Else's Life'                          
  • 2004 Videoexhibition of  'How to live somebody Else's Life' at Montevideo, Amsterdam, NL        
  • 2004  3 month scholarship for Banff, CA by FvBK, Amsterdam                            
  • 2005  3 week scholarship for LA, US, by FvBK, Amsterdam                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • 2004/5 Interior architecture at NTI                                  
  • 2007 /8 Meditation and Inner Sourcing at Clarivision Australia and USA 
  • 2007/8 Space Clearing training with Karen Kingston in Australia and the USA
  • 2010/12 Seminars with Jungian Dream Analyst and homeopath Jane Cicchetti, Divya Chabbra and Alize Timmermans at the Hahnemann Institute The Hague
  • 2012 and onwards: various seminars with teachers such as Rajan Sankaran, Jeremy Sherr, Jan Scholten, Massimo Mangialavori, Anne Vervaercke, etc