If you have never had a Feng Shui consultation before you may be curious how we would go about it. 

First we would have an initial contact, be it an email or phone call in which you briefly describe your situation and problem. We will then discuss which module would suit you best regarding your problem, taking into account the time it would cost and the budget that you have.


I will then send you an extensive intake form of about 6 pages in which I ask you general and also more specific questions about your current living situation. You will also receive the so-called 'Wheel of Life', a graphic which you can use to intuitively assess the 8 mayor themes in your life: your love life, career, recognition, planning, learning, health, hobbies, travels, etc.  All information is being dealt with strictly confidential!

I would also ask you to send me a detailled floor plan of the space you need advise for, including the exact address and direction of the sky. (If you don't have those direction, I can look them up and verify on location so this is not necessarily important)

I would also require your exact birth data, including the time and place of your birth, so I can prepare your personal 5 Element profile for you. This forms the basis of all my consultations. 

After the consultation I felt a tremendous energy and since then I am much more in balance. I feel much more dynamic than the previous months and the atmosphere in the house feels very clean. I am more flexible, more lively and softer. I was very impressed by your sensitivity and caring!

Mrs. M. Hug, Warendorf, Germany

With the preparations I make beforehand we would then meet at the location - your home, workplace, or whatever object you would like advise on - and assess the situation at hand. I then compare my drawings and calculations with the situation in the house - its energy, Chi flow, the constellation of furniture, the use of colours, etc. In the bedrooms and office spaces I will also use my EMF detector to measure the electromagnetic field around your bed and also measure different sorts of potential disturbances such as DECT, WiFi, GSM, etc. 

If possible we would then adjust the setting of furniture to its right place to enhance the flow of Chi and discuss further improvements. 

After the consultation you will receive a colour advise and report, depending on which module you requested. 

I will also follow-up with you about 2-3 months after the consultation to see how you are doing and if you have any more questions. 

The consultation itself usually takes about 3-4 hours for an average apartment of ±90m. For bigger objects this may take longer and for small projects such as a bedroom or children's room, it would take less time. 

You can find detailled information on the different modules and fees HERE 

You can contact me for a quote or any questions you may have regarding a consultation on +31 6 24802689 or via my contact form

Since my salon has been renovated according Lioba’s advice I get a lot of enthusiastic responses from my customers. Everyone asks what I did! I find myself working longer hours now since I enjoy the atmosphere so much - and so do my clients!

Hairdressing salon ‘Glammo’, Amsterdam