Virtual Clutter Clearing

For a while now I have been pondering about the fact that there is a very interesting similarity between the ever expanding virtual space and the physical space:

Think about your own browsing experience: what sites attract you and which one's do you click away in a fraction - and why? 

How does the space of a website make you feel? How does it speak to you? What kind of an atmosphere does it have? What tone is it written in? Is it written en designed with awareness? Does the space of the site feel cluttered or clean? What is its purpose? How much integrity does the website have? Is its main purpose to take from you (mostly your money) or to give to you (mostly valuable information)? How about your own website (if you have one)? Do you maintain it regularly? Does it have any unnecessary information (aka 'brain-clutter')? Do you speak to your potential readers from your heart? 


Another aspect is the desktop: since many of us are staring at it for a great amount of time each day, we may need give this some thought. How does your wallpaper look like? As this is an image you look at each day (even if it just peeks out behind gazillions of open windows) this may bring a smile on your face, connect you to something or someone you love and will be with you for the time you are spending with your computer / tablet / phone. 

How crowded is your desktop? Are there files and programs all over the place? Or are they neatly structured in an impeccable filing system? And if so, what happens in those neatly sorted filing systems? Do yo upkeep your information up to date and de-clutter regularly or are you an information hoarder (guilty as charged! ;) ) 

Feng Shui as I understand it is about awareness and becoming more and more conscious of our immediate environment - be it physical or virtual. Since our thoughts, feelings and belief-systems tend to become matter, it seems important to keep our virtual space as clean and de-cluttered as our physical space. 

What is your take on this?