Feng Shui Quickscan


Feng Shui Quickscan


The QUICKSCAN is especially designed for people who want to get acquainted with Feng Shui. Based on a sketch I map the main problems of your current living situation and how to change them. The QUICKSCAN is also intended for situations where you have a specific question about your living situation (for example, the correct position for your bed) and don’t require a complete analysis of your space.
The Quickscan takes two hours and entails:

  • a brief summary of the main points we discussed
  • a revised map showing the strengths and weaknesses of your house
  • the 8 Bagua sectors of your home that represent the 8 life themes
  • a sketch drawn with advice for new furniture arrangements and color
  • 5 color schemes (one for each Element)

For a correct analysis I will need a floorplan of your home and your specific question 3 days prior to the consultation.

Please feel free to contact me before purchasing this module to discuss any questions you may have! 

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