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A workshop is a perfect way to get acquainted with the practical part of  Feng Shui. Here you can get together with a group and experience what Feng Shui can do for you and how to apply it. 

The aim of the workshops is to inspire you so that you can experiment for yourself at home. 

The workshops are held regularly at All'Interno in Amsterdam, or can be arranged and customised for groups and businesses. Please click HERE for our upcoming workshops! 



Feng Shui in your Home

On the basis of your own floor plan and photos you learn to address the problem areas in your home: in which sector of your home is your biggest problem and what this mean for your daily life? Which aspects work well and how can you strengthen the weaker ones? 

Feng Shui at your Workplace

This workshop focuses on companies who are interested in a healthier business climate. The employees experience how they can create more energy, fun and inspiration for themselves and improve creativity and performance. 

Your personal Feng Shui Birth Element

This workshop will prepare the personal 5 Element profile for each participant which is calculated in advance according to the Tsu Ping method. In this workshop you will learn to decorate your home or workplace in such a way that you are optimally supported according to your personal Feng Shui make-up.

Colour Psychology

We are surrounded by shapes and colours, which all have a subtle yet strong influence on our physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well-being. Different cultures give different meaning to colour - white, for example, can mean purity in one culture and death in another. Colours play important roles in myths - and therefore add meaning to what C.G.Jung termed our collective unconscious.

And of course, colours play a very significant role in Feng Shui, the way we give colour to our homes and our lives! The colours we chose say a lot about us, how we feel and how we look at the world. Colours strongly relate to us via our birth Element - and therefore there are colours that will nurture us and colours that rather drain our energy. 

In this workshop we will investigate the different layers and connotations of colour in a playful and interactive way. You will learn what your favourite colours tell yo about yourself, if your current interior colours are still mirroring your status quo or if they need an update as to nurture and support you better. 

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