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Newsletter Spring 2014

  • Feng Shui Workshops at All'Interno Koniginneweg 255hs Amsterdam The Netherlands (map)

Dear reader,

Welcome to my new website! After many years of pottering about on iWeb I decided to give the my good old website a nice pre-spring make-over - I hope you like it! Any comments and feedbacks are welcome! 

The only downside is that this program only accepts one language. I decided that, since many of my clients have different ethnic backgrounds, English may be the most common language to use.

So what's cooking lately? We have created some events that we thought may start off the spring season and give you a practical, hands-on approach to get creative in your house!


From this year onwards there will be a  monthly Introduction to Feng Shui which will be held both in Dutch and in English. You could see this as an informative High Tea where you will get to know about the basics of the Feng Shui philosophy and can ask questions while indulging in a nice cup of tea / coffee and some delicious treats (mostly) made by us! Feel free to bring a friend but please RSVP beforehand as space is limited! 

In our spring workshops we will focus on the theory of the 5 Elements and on Colour Psychology. Both topics are complementary but can be booked individually as well. You will learn how to make and interpret your own 5 Element profile which will give you insight in your birth Element and the make-up of the 5 Elements in your natal chart.

Based on your 5 Element chart, we will then investigate the magical world of colour together. The colour workshop will look at the archetypal side of colours, how they appear in myths, how they are used in classical Feng Shui and how to use them in a modern context. 



After having taken 2013 off for my own studies I now offer courses again for 2014

The courses are limited to a small group of people which enables us to adjust the main focus of each course, depending on the interests of the group. So if, let's say, there is a number of people more interested in healing, we can focus on this topic rather than putting the emphasis on other subjects. And if another group is more interested in design or color psychology we can put our main focus in those topics. So if you are interested to follow the course, please feel free to tell me about your interests and I can see if your interest matches that of other participants.

The first course will start on Friday March 21st and will be held in Dutch. Please download the schedule HERE

It is also possible to book a 1:1 private training instead of working with a group. We will then focus on an object of your choice (your house, for example) and implement the teachings in situ. Please click HERE for more information. 

Please email me if you have any questions or call me on +31 (0)6 24802689. 

Hope to see you soon!

Warm wishes,


And last but not least: a recipe for all those amongst us who LOVE cookies but considering the bikini season coming... ;)


I personally love to eat cookies but am sensitive to gluten and sugar so this is what I am feasting on (they are delicious!!) Have a look at this very inspiring website of Elena Amsterdam

I alter the ingredients - ginger, cranberries, walnuts, spices - you can go as creative as you want, the main dough is very flexible. You could even make them into savoury biscuits by adding olives, dried tomatoes, cheese perhaps or bits of (vegetarian) bacon, rosemary, thyme, name it! 

And the good thing is: these cookies don't contain carbs and as little sugar as you like so you can indulge :)