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Feng Shui & Inner Space Design - Course (English)

For the first time ever BalancingWalls is opening the doors to our English speaking community with the brand-new English version of the popular Feng Shui Course for Beginners! The concept of this course is pretty unique: no classroom, only real life situations! 

In this course you will learn the fundamental principles of Feng Shui and how to implement them in your daily life. You can be a professional architect or interior designer, someone working in the healing arts or someone generally interested in the topic - you are welcome to join! No need for any previous knowledge. 

We have a maximum of 4 students per class as this will give us: 

a) the opportunity to really focus on each person and her or his individual questions and living situation and

b) all classes take place at the homes of the students, meaning: 4 whole-day sessions, each one taking place at the home of a student = 4 students, each one getting a whole day session / consultation at their own home! (Please notice: you get a genuinely Dutch 'Buy One, Get Two!' deal here!). 

This program runs over the course of ± 4-6 months (depending on your time schedules) with plenty of time to do your homework, discuss and work with your fellow students, go out on a limb and learn how to see the world with your new Feng Shui eyes! 

Please email me for further information: or give me a call at +31 (0)6 24802689