Creative Feng Shui - DIY 5 Element lamps - part 1

This morning I stumbled upon a great blog entry at BoredPanda on how to make beautiful DIY lamps from up cycled materials! 

I often get asked by people how they can enhance certain Elements in their home. With my background as an art student (who had very little money and had to come up with creative ideas  how to make do with very little) I always encourage my clients to create things themselves. 

This has several advantages: 

- you get into your creative side!

- you can proudly marvel at your own (sometimes smart, sometimes silly) creations!

- you have practical evidence that you can make stuff yourself!

- you safe tons of money!

- your home will breathe more of YOUR energy (rather than that of an expensive designer or IKEA...)

- its FUN!!

- oh, and it can actually save the environment, even if just a little bit...


This is part 1 of the blog - the next Element will follow shortly!

Lets have a look at these really cool lamps and I will add a brief description to which Element the lamp belongs, Feng Shui-wise, and which sector of the house you can enhance with it:


The WATER lamp

BalancingWalls Creative Feng Shui
BalancingWalls Creative Feng Shui

Who would have thought that this lamp is actually made of the bottom of plastic bottles? 

This lamp would enhance the North sector of your home as it belongs to the WATER Element with its translucent, irregular shapes and downward moving form.

It may need quite a large room with a high ceiling to look good! 

The WOOD lamp

BalancingWalls Creative Feng Shui
BalancingWalls Creative Feng Shui

How cool is this lamp?! This may ask for a bit of patience and technical talent but, boy, is this beautiful!

This surely enhances your WOOD Element - preferably in the East or South East sector of your home 



This is it for today - the next Element will follow shortly!