Personal 5 Element Profile (English)

5EP voorkant.jpg
5EP voorkant.jpg

Personal 5 Element Profile (English)


Your personal 5 Elements Profile report provides insight into your personal configuration of the 5 Elements in your birth chart. 


The report contains over 40 pages which cover:

  •     A comprehensive introduction to the theory of the 5 Elements
  •     Your personal 5 Element profile with interpretation
  •     Your personal KUA number incl. your 4 beneficial direction
  •     - and the 4 direction to avoid
  •     A detailed description of your personal Element
  •     A description of the strong and weak points of your Element
  •    - and how to harmonise them
  •     Description of areas that nurture and support you
  •     How would your perfect living space look like?
  •     The entrance of your house
  •     Create your ideal bedroom according to your birth Element
  •     Which Elements weaken you?
  •     How to make use of the Elements in your daily life
  •     Practical tips for clothing, food, symbols, etc.
  •    5 mood boards and color schemes of the 5 Elements for easy identification 
  •    An extensive 5 Elements self - test
  •    A 5 Elements nutrition table
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