Feng Shui for Kids


Feng Shui for Kids

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Feng Shui advise for children's rooms and nurseries:

Children are very intuitive and usually know what they want (and what not!). Colours, materials, sounds, smells - they all leave a deep and sometimes life-long imprint in us which we will remember many years later!

The children's room has many functions: sleeping, learning, playing, resting, creating, dreaming,... So it is important that this room radiates a warm, welcoming atmosphere which stimulates as well as gives rest. 

Using Feng Shui we can optimise the space and tailor it to your children's needs - be it a nursery for the little one's or for older children and teenagers. 

A Feng Shui advice for children's rooms entails:

- a personal 5 Element profile

- a Feng Shui assessment of the room in the context of the whole home

- a consultation of 2 hours

- a mood board and colour advice per child

For this module I will need the exact birth date and time of the child as well as a detailled floor plan

Please feel free to contact me before purchasing this module to discuss any questions you may have! 

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