Feng Shui Consultation

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Feng Shui Consultation

from 450.00

This module gives you comprehensive advice on how you can feel better in your home with instant results.
After making an assessment beforehand, based on floorpans, birthdates and a filled in intake form, I will come to your home and give practical advice on the spot. If necessary (and possible) we will alter the position of furniture, the placement and hanging of artworks and advise on replacement of objects and details that block the energy of your home. You will also receive individual color advice and tips. Afterwards you will receive a brief written summary of my consultation so you can read what we have discussed a later time at your convenience.

This module is designed for larger projects such as a new construction project (in collaboration with the architect) or an extended analysis of an entire home (± 150 m2 +), business, shop or other object that requires an in-depth analysis.

This entails:

  • an initial telephone consultation in which we discuss the situation (± 30 min)
  • a detailed quote and step-by-step plan
  • a comprehensive analysis of the floorplan with the weak and the strong aspects of the object
  • an analysis of the location (approximately 3 hours on location).
  • taking pictures of the focus points, measuring EMFs in the bedroom and office spaces (or where appropriate)
  • re-arrangement of furniture if appropriate
  • cooperation with the architect (if necessary)
  • a second visit on location as to fine tune the implementations
  • a written report including the advice, comprehensive drawings, mood boards and color advise

Please feel free to contact me before purchasing this module to discuss any questions you may have! 

The prices for more complex assignments will have to be negotiated, based on the size and time investment. 

Taxes are included for individual consultations and will be added for business consultations 

Consultation per 1 floor (+75m2-100m2):
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