Feng Shui advice for bedrooms


Feng Shui advice for bedrooms


Our bedroom is probably the most used and )more often than not) the most neglected room in our home! This is where we sleep, relax, read and dream - the most intimate space in our home perhaps!

Since we wake up and fall asleep every morning and night within this room, it is essential that it has a good atmosphere that makes us feel most comfortable. 

A Feng Shui consultation for the bedroom entails:

- a 5 Element profile per partner

- a Feng Shui assessment of the space 

- a 2 hour consultation in which we will alter the furniture placement if necessary (and possible!)

- measuring EMF's and other disturbing influences

- a mood board and colour advise

For this module I will need the exact birth dates of the partners and a detailled floor plan. 

Please feel free to contact me before purchasing this module to discuss any questions you may have! 

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